USB audio driver in USB Audio Player/Recorder PRO and Audio Evolution Mobile

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Last update: 25th of March, 2015


eXtream Software Development has written a custom USB audio driver from scratch because Android did not support USB audio until Android 5. Even Android 5 has very limited support for USB audio devices (see below) and as such this driver remains a very useful for every Android version higher than 3.1. The driver supports mono, stereo and multi-channel streams, 16-, 24- and 32-bit resolutions and any sample rate that the device provides. If your device exposes internal mute, volume and/or gain controls, they can be controlled as well.

The following Android apps of eXtream Software Development use this driver. Note that you cannot use this driver to play/record audio in other apps!

Audio Evolution Mobile is the leading multitrack audio and MIDI DAW on Android. You can enable USB audio by doing an in-app purchase or purchasing USB Audio Recorder PRO.

USB Audio Player PRO is a high quality media player that allows the highest quality possible audio playback to your DAC and supports more audio formats like mp3, album/artist browsing, playlists and more.

USB Audio Recorder PRO is a basic recording app without editing facilities. Record mono, stereo or multi-channel audio and play back in stereo. Simultaneous playback and recording is not supported.

Free trials are available in the app's descriptions.

USB host OTG cable

In order to connect your USB audio interface to your Android device you will likely need a USB OTG cable to trigger the 'USB host' functionality of your Android device. This is the cable you need:USBhost

or if you need to give your audio device extra power, you can either use a powered USB hub or this OTG-Y cable:

This cable is similar to a standard USB OTG cable with a full sized female USB connector on the end that connects to the audio interface, but it branches off into 2 connectors on the other end. One is a standard male micro USB connector for connecting to the android device and the other is a female micro USB connector. The female micro USB connector allows the ability to plug in a standard male micro USB wall charger to inject power into the circuit.

Note: some devices require 500mA while some Android wall-adapter power adapter only supply 300mA, so using an OTG-Y cable will not help and a powered USB hub is necessary.


Do NOT use or buy this one:


When you order a cable, make sure it says 'OTG'.

Starting the app

Important: connect your device BEFORE starting the app, otherwise it will not get detected! When you connected your device before starting the app and it gave you a 'failed to initialize or open the USB device' message or similar, we ask you kindly to quickly use the Play Store refund option in case you purchased the full version and try out the demo. Please contact us if your device does not work.

Hint: for most reliable recording, put your device into 'Airplane' mode and shut down as many tasks as possible using task killers such as 'Advanced Task Killer'. Currently, USB Audio Recorder PRO has to run in the foreground, so do not switch to other apps during recording or playback since background apps only get 5% cpu time max. This does not all apply to USB Audio Player PRO, but it can help nevertheless.

We are also NOT affiliated with a program called 'USB Audio Recorder', 'USB Audio Tester' or 'USB Field Recorder' on the Play Store!



Ok, so you connected your audio device before starting USB Audio Player/Recorder PRO and it still doesn't work, what to do?

If both your Android and USB device are in the supported devices lists:

If the app recognizes your device and all looks ok until you press play or record and nothing happens or no signal comes in:

If your Android or USB device is not in the list:

If that didn't help and you are sure you have an Android device with USB host mode, you could send us a more detailed log by following these steps:

Android 5

Google introduced USB audio support in Android 5, unfortunately our tests have shown that their driver has several limitations. Please see here for more information:


Supported USB audio devices

Your USB audio device must be class-compliant in order to work. USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 class-compliant devices are supported with either USB audio spec 1.0 or 2.0. The following table gives an overview of the devices that either we tested or that have been tested by beta testers. In no way we can be held responsible for a device not working on your specific Android device, since every combination can pose new problems. We have a free demo version where you can test out your device combination before purchase.

Please take note: because there are hundreds of Android and USB audio devices out there, we did not manage to test them all. In case yours does not work, please use the 'feedback' button on top to send us information on your device or contact us by email. When you start recording and you get a message saying 'Failed to start recording', it is likely that your device does not supply enough power to your USB audio device if it is not self-powered. You can work around it by putting a powered USB hub in between.

Note that playback is only limited to two channels, even for devices with more than 2 outputs.

Working audio devices with eXtream Software Development USB driver

Manufacturer Model Owned by developers Notes
Aim AS301DTS    
ADL A1   Needs 'Force 1 packet per transfer' enabled in prefs
AKG Perception 120 USB    
Allen & Heath Z10FX    
Alesis IO2   Needs 'Force 1 packet per transfer' enabled in prefs
  Podcasting Kit    
Alpha Audio Mix Four    
Alo Audio The International    
  The Island    
  The Key    
American Audio Genie II    
Andrea Electronics USB-SA-1    
Apex Glacier    
Apogee Mic   The device does not have input monitoring, but works.
  One yes The device does not have input monitoring, but works.
  Quartet   Multichannel devices usually record properly, but playback may sound distorted, depending on the speed of your Android device.
Art Dual Pre yes  
Asus Xonar Essence One   Needs 'Force 1 packet per transfer' enabled in prefs
  Xonar U3    
  Xonar U7   May require a powered USB hub
au(LG) isai LGL22    
Audient id22    
Audinst HUD-MX2    
Audioengine D1   Max. 96kHz over USB
Audio GD NFB-11.32    
Audio Pro LV2    
Audio Technica AT2005 USB    
  AT2020 USB    
Audiolab M-Dac    
Audiophilleo Audiophilleo1   44.1 to 96 kHz
Audioquest Dragonfly   Needs DragonFly 1.1 or higher
Audiotrack Prodigy Cube    
Auna MIC-900BG    
Aune T1   Needs 'Force 1 packet per transfer' enabled in prefs. The MK2 may not work.
  X1 MK2    
Avid Fast Track Duo    
  MBox Mini    
Behringer QX1002USB    
  UCA222 yes  
  Guitar Link UCG102    
  U-Phoria UMC204    
  X32   Requires a very fast tablet, tested with Tab S 10.5
  Xenyx 302    
  Xenyx 303    
  Xenyx q502    
  Xenyx qx1202fx    
  Xenyx q1204    
  Xenyx x2442    
Benchmark DAC 1 HDR    
Beresford Caiman MKII    
Beyerdynamic A200p    
Blue Icicle    
  Spark Digital    
  Yeti yes Sometimes needs a USB hub (not even powered), for example on the Nexus 7 2013 model.
  Yeti PRO   May need a powered USB hub
Boss BR-800   Stereo 44100 Hz only
Bowers & Wilkins MM-1    
Breeze Audio Mini    
Bryston BDA2    
CAD audio U37    
Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100    
  DacMagic Plus    
  DacMagic XS   May need to run in USB 2.0 mode, please see your XS manual.
  Minx M5    
Canopus MD-port    
Carat Ruby II    
Centrance Dacport LX   Powered hub required on Nexus
  HiFi M8    
  Mic Port Pro   Powered hub required and probably doesn't do simultaneous playback and recording using Audio Evolution Mobile.
Chord Hugo    
Chordette Toucan    
Citronic AC-1 USB    
Creative Arena Surround    
  Audigy 2 NX    
  Extigy USB    
  SB Live! external    
  SB Play!    
  SB X-Fi go!    
  SB E3   48kHz only?
  SB E5   Needs UAPP 1.5.2 or higher
Cypherlabs AlgoRhythm Solo -dB    
  Theorem 720    
C-Media CM102    
  USB headset    
DacPort LX    
Daffodil US01    
Denon DA-300USB    
Devialet 200    
Diamond SoundTube    
Digigram UAX 220    
Digitech GNX3000    
Dodotronic ULTRAMIC200K    
Edirol UA-1A    
  UA-5   Switch Advanced mode 'Off'
  UA-25   48kHz only
Ele DAC    
EMU 0404   Recording only
Encore mDAC    
Epiphany Acoustics E-DAC    
ESI Dr. Dac Nano    
  Maya 44 USB    
Euphya DAC    
Fender Mustang   Modelling amp
FiiO E7    
  E17 yes  
  E17K Alpen 2   Connect the E17 with an USB OTG cable, then cycle through the E17's input selection until it says USB. If it was already on USB, cycle again. Then start the app.
  E17 + E09k combo    
Firestone Fubar4 plus    
  Red key    
Focusrite 2i2   Consumes a lot of power, may need a powered USB hub.
  2i4   Consumes a lot of power, may need a powered USB hub.
  6i6   Set up routing on a PC/Mac first and save the settings to the device, otherwise there is probably no output.
  18i6 yes Multichannel recording works in version 1.1.0 and later, output works in 1.1.1, but requires fast processor.
  VRM Box    
Fostex HPA3    
Gear4Music Mix04au    
Gem Sound PL USB    
Go Vibe DAC    
Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11    
Griffin Tech iMic yes  
HeadAmp Pico USB    
Headroom Total Bithead    
Hegel HD11    
Henry Audio DAC 128    
HifiMan 801    
HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC    
  Sabre U2    
Hippo Cricri+    
HRT Microstreamer yes  
  MusicStreamer II    
Ibasso D-Zero    
iFi micro iDAC    
  micro iDSD    
  nano iDSD   DSD works, although fast Android device is required.
IK MultiMedia iRig PRO    
Intruder DAC    
ION Profile LP    
iZo izmo M1-z    
Jabra Speaker 410    
JDS Labs C5    
Jlsounds I2SoverUSB    
KEF X300A    
Korg PX5D    
Lakewest Audio AudioLab 8200    
Lexicon Alpha    
  Omega yes  
Leckerton UHA-6S mkII    
LH Labs Geek Out 1000  

ONLY using very specific Android devices. Try before you buy! Supports DSD.


USB adaptor
Part no. 42775

Logilink UA0078    
  USB Sound Box 7.1    
Logitech G930    
  USB mic    
  V10 speakers    
M2TECH hiFace TWO    
  hiFace DAC    
  Joplin   Tested up to 384kHz at 24bit on a Nexus 7!
M-Audio Duo    
  Fast Track yes 24-bit requires 1 packet per transfer option, 16-bit works normally
  Fast Track Pro yes Problematic device.
  Fast Track Pro 4x4    
  Fast Track Ultra    
  Fast Track Ultra 8R   Recording only?
  MobilePre mkII   The 2nd version, the first does not work
  Producer USB microphone    
  ProKeys Sono 88    
  Vocal Studio    
Mackie 2404-VLZ3    
  Onyx Blackjack    
Marantz HD-DAC1    
Matrix Mini    
Meier Corda 2Move    
Meridian Explorer   Both MKI and MKII
Monster Audio HIFI ET MA9 DAP    
Muse X5    
Music Hall DAC 15.2    
Musical Fidelity m3si    
  V-DAC II    
Mxl 006    
  AC-404   Needs 'Force 1 packet per transfer' enabled in prefs
  USB Mic Mate PRO    
Myst PortaDAC 1866    
Mytek 192   Only in USB1 mode.
NAD PP 3i    
Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6   Ours works perfectly, but there have been reports of people getting twice as slow recordings
  Traktor Audio 6    
  Traktor Kontrol S2 MKII    
Novation X-Station 49    
NuForce uDAC v1    
  uDAC v2   Only 44.1kHz 16-bit
  Icon 2    
  Icon HDP    
NwAvguy ODAC   Some sample rate issues, unknown if this still applies in current versions.
Olympus LS-5    
Onkyo DAC-HA200    
Ordnance .25    
Parasound Zdac    
Peavey PV10 Mixer    
Pioneer U-05    
PopPulse WM8741 DAC    
Presonus 22VSL yes Can require a powered hub
  1818VSL yes Multichannel devices usually record properly, but playback may sound distorted, depending on the speed of your Android device.
  AudioBox USB    
Propellerhead Balance    
PSAudio NuWave    
  PerfectWave DAC    
Rapoo SE3    
Razer Megalodon    
Refined Audio PHA-X    
Rega DAC    
  Saturn R    
Reloop Mixage IE    
  RMX-40 USB    
Resonessence Labs Herus    
Rocksmith USB Guitar Adapter    
RME Babyface   Needs external power when it needs to give phantom power. To enter class compliant mode, please watch this video:
  Fireface UCX   Select class compliant mode first
  Fireface UFX    
Rode Podcaster    
Roland UA-4FX   Playback only?
  UA25EX   Cakewalk/Roland (not Edirol) model seems to work with all frequencies selected on the device.
Roxio UB315-E rev 3   Input only, buffer size must be set to 1024 frames
RSA Predator    
Sabrent 7.1    
Samson C01U    
  C01U PRO yes  
  C03U yes  
  Go Mic yes

Can require a hub to correct for usb errors, it does not need to be a powered hub. This is the only device so far encountered that needs additional latency correction of 4424 frames set in preferences.

Resets the Galaxy Tab 3 8" when connecting, even with a powered hub in between!

  Go Mic Direct yes  
  Meteor Mic   Works for some, but many reports of it not working (cause unknown)
  Meteorite yes  
  MixPad 124FX    
  Q2U yes  
Schiit Modi    
Shure MVi yes  
  MV51 yes  
Simaudio Moon 100D    
Smsl Fort dac    
  Mini dac SD-1955    
Soundcraft Si Performer 1   May need to playback once first before recording works
Steelseries Diablio III    
Stereo-link 1300    
Sonible ML-1    
Sonuus I2M    
Sony MDR-1ADAC    
  PHA-1   May need powered USB hub in between
  PS3 singstar mic    
  Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Headset    
Sound Devices MixPre-D   Latest revision works, limited to 48kHz
  USB Pre2   Limited to 48kHz
Steinberg CI1   Needs 'Force 1 packet per transfer' option enabled
  UR22 yes Often needs additional power by means of a powered usb hub or OTG-Y cable
  UR44 yes  
Stello U3    
Stoner Acoustics UD100    
Studio Projects LSM    
Sweex SC016    
Tascam iU2   Set 'Host' switch to 'Computer'
  US144 mkII   One user reports it working, but others have stated it does not.
  US366   Playback only
  US800   Only works on some Android devices!
Teac AI-301DA    
Tekstar GL100USB    
Teralink X2 2012 version    
Terratec Aureon Dual    
  Phase 26 USB    
ToneWinner EMOTIVA XDA-1    
Topping C1    
Trillium REC-ADPT-USB    
Trust GXT 26 5.1 yes Multitrack output works from version USB Audio Recorder PRO 1.0.10 and higher
Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro II    
T.bone SC450 USB    
UFO DSD portable DAC    
VMV audio Magic USB DAC    
Vox Tonelab ST   44.1 kHz / 16-bit only
Wadia 121    
Xduoo TA-01    
Yamaha Audiogram 6    
YG Bliss Pad T7012    
Yulong Audio Sabre DA8    
Zoom G2.1u    
  H1   Needs firmware 2.10. Simultaneous playback & recording works in Audio Evolution Mobile, as opposed to the H2/H4.
  H2   Doesn't do simultaneous playback & recording in Audio Evolution Mobile, perhaps on very recent devices.
  H2n   Doesn't do simultaneous playback & recording in Audio Evolution Mobile

Uses 500mA, so powered hub is likely necessary

Doesn't do simultaneous playback & recording in Audio Evolution Mobile

  H4n yes

Works, but if yours doesn't: try unplugging and re-plugging the device while it's on. Make sure your cabling is right and the interface is in USB I/F mode.

Only does simultaneous playback & recording in Audio Evolution Mobile on some Android models (fast/recent).

Generic Black dongle yes  

NOT working audio devices with eXtream Software Development USB driver

Manufacturer Model Owned by developers Notes
Akai EIE / EIE PRO   Said to be class compliant, but not really.
Audinst HUD-mini   Pitch does not seem correct
Beresford Caiman   Tested with HTC Flyer
Boss BR80   Not class-compliant
Desk rocker ???    
Digidesign M-Box 1st gen    
  M-Box 2 mini    
Digitech Vx400    
Edirol UA-1EX   Works for some
EMU 0202   Not working yet, possible in future
ESI Neon    
Focusrite Saffire 6 USB   Not class-compliant
Lexicon IO42    
Line6 Toneport UX1    
  Toneport UX2    
M2TECH HiFace Evo   Not class-compliant
M-Audio MobilePre MkI    
MOTU All models    
Native Instruments Kore Controller    
  Rig Kontrol 2    
  Session I/O    
Peavey XPort    
Roland GR55    
  Integra 7    
  UA-55   Quad capture
Shiru Emperor 10    
Sony z1070    
Synic Wireless audio    
Tascam US122    
  US1641   Not class-compliant
  US1800   Not class-compliant
Zoom G1u    
  R16   Not class-compliant
  R24   Not class-compliant


Supported Android devices

In theory, all Android devices that meet the following requirements should work:

If your device does not have a full-sized USB port, you need a USB OTG cable. This is cable with a male micro-USB connector on one side (for connecting to your Android device) and a female full-sized USB port for connecting your USB audio device. Note that it must say 'OTG', since that activates the host mode of your Android device.

If your device is not in the working or non-working list, please give us feedback if it works or not.

NOTE: Samsung either blocks USB audio devices on their S1, S2 and Note1 or did not put isochronous transfers in their kernel!

NOTE2: your Android device may need a powered USB hub if it does not supply enough power to an audio device which is not self-powered.

Working Android devices

Manufacturer Model Owned by developers Notes
Acer Iconia Tab A200   Has a full-sized USB port next to a micro USB port
  Iconia Tab A210    
  Iconia Tab A500 yes Has a full-sized USB port next to a micro USB port
  Iconia A1-810 yes Only playback on Android 4.2, but both recording and playback on Android 4.4.
  Iconia A3   Maybe only playback
Ainol Novo 7 Fire    
Alcatel One Touch POP C7 (7041D)    
Archos 80 G9    
  101g9 turbo    
Asus Memo 7"   Note that the HD version does NOT work!
  MemoPad 7 176CX   Possibly playback only
  MemoPad 8 ME180   Playback only

MemoPad ME172V / 176

  1. Possibly playback only
  MemoPad 10.1   Playback only
  MemoPad FHD 10    
  Slider SL101    
  TF201   When using the USB port on the keyboard dock, noise is introduced
  TF300 yes When using the USB port on the keyboard dock, noise is introduced. Using an Asus USB adaptor directly on the tablet, all is fine.
  TF700   Try 'Airplane mode' when using the dock
  TF700KL   With and without dock
  TF701T   Works fine, even with the dock
  Transformer Prime    
  Zenfone 5    
  Zenfone 6    
Atheros 8"    
Elephone G6    
Google/LG Nexus 5 yes  
Google Nexus 7 yes May require a reboot with the audio device connected AND the language set to English-US (no kidding!). Google is said to solve this issue.
  Nexus 7 (2013) yes May require a reboot with the audio device connected AND the language set to English-US (no kidding!). Google is said to solve this issue.
  Nexus 10   May require a reboot with the audio device connected AND the language set to English-US (no kidding!). Google is said to solve this issue.
Hisense Sero 7 pro   USB debugging must be enabled
HTC Desire 500    
  Desire 600    
  Desire X   Warning: we also have a report of it not working!
  One   Seems to work on Android 4.2.2 and higher
  One Max    
  One M8    
  One X    
Huawei Ascend P6    
  Honor 6    
  Mate MT1-U06    
  MediaPad X1 7.0   Note that we've got reports of it working and non-working!
iconBit Nettab NT-0801C    
iFive Mini 3    
iNew 6000    
iView Suprapad i700    
Jiayu G4 Advanced    
  G4S   Needs root to unlock USB host mode by the app "USB Host Diagnostics"
KDDI Sharp Aquos SHL21    
Kogan Agora HD    
Lenovo B6000 / Yoga Tablet 8    
  B8000 / Yoga 10   Needs KitKat update
  IdeaTab A1000-F    
  IdeaTab A3500-H    
  IdeaTab S6000-F   Only when rooting and adding host permissions file?
  s860   Root required to fix USB host file.
  ThinkPad Tablet 1    
Lifetab E10320    
  S831X   Lenovo/Medion
  S1034X   Lenovo/Medion
LG G2    
  G Pad 7.0    
  G Pad 8.3   NOTE: the 8.0 version does NOT work!
  Optimus G   Only with custom kernel supporting USB host!
  Optimus G Pro    
Meizu MX Quad    
Micromax A116i    
Motorola Droid Ultra XT1080    
  Moto G    
  Moto X    
  Photon Q    
  Razr HD Maxx    
  Razr M XT905   Note that this is not the same as the Droid Razr M which does not work!
  Razr HD XT925    
MPMan Mid43c    
MSI Primo 76    
NVidia Shield    
Onda V975i    
OnePlus One    
Oppo Find 7   Only tested with UAPP
  Find 7a   Only tested with UAPP
Philips I928    
Pipo M6 pro   Only playback
Ritmix RMD-1025    
Samsung Note 2    
  Note 3    
  Note 4 yes  
  Note 4 Edge    
  Galaxy Alpha    
  Galaxy Camera EK-G100    
  Galaxy J    
  Galaxy Mega 6.3    
  Galaxy Nexus   Causes glitching with some audio devices
  Galaxy Note 1 I717   Note, only this special version of the Note 1 works!
  Galaxy Note 2    
  Galaxy Note 3    
  Galaxy Note 8    
  Galaxy Note 10.1   May need USB debugging turned on
  Galaxy Note 10.1 2013/2014 model    
  Galaxy R    
  Galaxy S3   Seems to do unnecessary things in background which can cause glitches for UAPP with devices that use feedback transfers.
  Galaxy S3 Neo    
  Galaxy S4  

Requires Android 4.3

  Galaxy S4 active    
  Galaxy S5  

May need a specific USB3 OTG cable, for example:

  Galaxy Tab 1 7.7    
  Galaxy Tab 1 10.1    
  Galaxy Tab 3 8" yes Recommended!
  Galaxy Tab 3 10.1    
  Galaxy Tab 4 10.1    
  Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4    
  Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Yes Highly recommended!
  Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2    
  Galaxy Tab S 8.4    
  Galaxy Tab S 10.5    
Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-04F    
  Aquos Zeta SH-06E    
Smartfren Tab 7    
Sony Acro S    
  Tablet S yes  
  XPeria Active    
  XPeria Arc S    
  XPeria Ray   Some say it works, some say it does not. Perhaps it needs a powered usb hub?
  XPeria M    
  XPeria mini ST15i    
  XPeria S yes  
  XPeria Sola    
  XPeria SP    
  XPeria SX    
  XPeria T    
  XPeria Z yes  
  XPeria Z1    
  XPeria Z1f    
  XPeria Z2    
  XPeria Z3   Works for some, but the Z3's own DAC driver can clash with UAPP, so try before you buy!
  XPeria Z Ultra    
Tesco Hudle   Only playback!
  Hudle 2    
THL 100s   Needs root to run the app "USB host diagnostics", which fixes a misconfiguration of the device.
Toshiba AT830    
  Excite 10   Needs Airplane mode turned on
  Thrive   Often problematic, try before you buy!
UMI Cross C1    
Wolfgang AT-AS50SE    
Wiko Cink King    
  Cink Peax 2    
  Darkside hell    
Xiaomi Hong Mi    
  MI3   Tegra 4 version
  MI3W   Snapdragon 800 version.
  MI Pad    
  Red Mi    
  Red Rice   Only playback
Zopo ZP980+   With june 2014 firmware or higher
ZTE V965    

NOT working Android devices

Note: almost all cheap China or Rockchip-based tablets do not work!

Manufacturer Model Owned by developers Notes
Acer Gallant Duo   No USB host mode
  Iconia B1   No USB host mode
  Iconia Tab A100   No USB host mode
Ainol Novo 7 elf II    
  Novo 8 mini    
Alcatel OT 995    
Asus MemoPad 7 HD    
BQ Edison   Probably all models
Cube U9GT2   Probably all Rockchip-based tablets do not work
Flytouch 9    
Freelander PD90   Probably all Rockchip-based tablets do not work
Google Droid 1    
  Droid 3    
HTC Rebound    
  Sensation 4g    
Huawei MediaPad    
iOcean x7    
Jxd 800b    
Lenovo P780    
LG G Pad 8.0    
LG/Google Nexus 4   No USB host mode, but ziddey franco kernel patch with the AOKP rom can activate it
Median Life Tab e10310    
Motorola Droid Bionic   No USB host mode
  Droid Razr M   No USB host mode
Odys Tablet PC 4    
Omega 7"   Probably all
Onda V819    
Pipo U3   Rockchip based
Prestigio all??    
Samsung Captivate Glide   No USB host mode
  Galaxy Note 1    
  Galaxy Reverb   No USB host mode
  Galaxy S   SGS-T959
  Galaxy S1   No USB host mode
  Galaxy S2   No USB host mode
  Galaxy S3 mini   No USB host mode
  Galaxy S4 mini   No USB host mode
  Galaxy Tab 2 yes Heavy glitching (OMAP processor). Works perfectly however with Blue Snowball mic...
  Galaxy Tab 3 7"   No USB host mode
  Galaxy Tab 4 7"   No USB host mode
  Galaxy Young    
Sanei N86    
Sharp Aquos Crystal 306SH    
Sony XPeria E1    
  XPeria J   No USB host mode?
  XPeria Ray   Some say it works, some don't. Perhaps it needs a powered usb hub?
Sumvision Cyclone voyager    
Toshiba AT200   Heavy glitching (OMAP processor)
Wayteq xtab79qci   No isochronous mode in the kernel?
Yarvik All?    
Zopo C3   Only playback?


If you have any questions or suggestions left, please contact us at