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Full Version: Strange download speed over a mobile network.
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I compared the speed of the cellular network to two applications - a native application from Qobuz and USB player. I tested one quality track 24-192. How the native application works:

[Image: Screenshot_2019_11_22_21_40_39_848_ru_v_...or_500.jpg][Image: i.gif]

At first there is a surge in speed, and then the speed rhythmically jumps, but the recording is not interrupted: 

[Image: Screenshot_2019_11_22_21_41_53_721_ru_v_...or_500.jpg][Image: i.gif]

USB player for some reason behaves differently:
[Image: Screenshot_2019_11_22_21_38_00_386_ru_v_...or_500.jpg][Image: i.gif]

[Image: Screenshot_2019_11_22_21_43_50_024_ru_v_...or_500.jpg][Image: i.gif]

Changing the buffer size, network packet size, client type does not change the result. Why is this happening? The official application is able to maintain a constant speed of downloading music, and with a USB player, communication is constantly interrupted.
We suggest excluding the app from battery optimisation. Of course the app streams data in chunks.