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FLAC with embedded CUE sheet

It seems that there's an issue with embedded CUE sheets. They are not recognized. This results in a single long track.
When providing a separate CUE sheet along with the FLAC file single tracks are listed in the library.
The files were converted with foobar2000 - reference libFLAC version 1.3.1.

Here's a link to a sample file I've found.

Could you please implement the support for embedded CUE sheets in a future release?

We won't have support for embedded cue files any time soon. Separate cue files are the only supported ones at the moment.
Thanks for the reply.
Quite a pity that this feature won't be aivailable in the near future.

Quite some time has passed and several updates were released.

Anything new regarding this feature?

Thanks and regards.

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