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How to play Tidal higher than 41.1Khz in my Samsung S8+
Hi, I am new into this Hi Fi audio.

I am trying to make my Mojo work with my Samsung S8+ and the UAPP + Tidal. For some reason the only type of audio my mojo is playing is 44.1k. If I play Tidal through the UAPP on my phone, the file played is 48K, but once I connect mojo, it drops to 44.1k.

Can anybody help me with the configuration I need to setup on the UAPP in order to get the files played in their original size? I already put the Tiadal settings in the UAPP to Losseless quality.

What else do I need to do?

Thanks for your support!

Jorge Castro
What is the 'Android sample rate' preference set to?

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