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Combined album display in Library
There was once an option to combine all the discs within the same album to show as one item in the LIBRARY - ALBUM ARTIST, instead of seeing the same album appear multiple times because the tags are indicating different disc numbers.

This option seems to be missing from the recent versions of UAPP when it's a fresh installation. If the option had been selected previously (in an older version when users had the choice), all updates would still respect the original setting and display the information as expected, which is one line only per album.

Can we consider having the option back?

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend ahead, cheers!
You were probably an alpha tester before the official v4 release. There were a couple of releases that had this option, but we had to turn it off because it only worked in very specific circumstances. Perhaps it will come back one day, but it's extremely difficult to implement, even though it looks very simple.
(05-07-2018, 10:51 AM)dwrae Wrote: You were probably an alpha tester before the official v4 release.
Yes I was. Thanks for the clarification Davy, at least now I know I wasn't delusional and imagining things.

FWIW, it worked exceptionally well with the way I organised my music collection. If you ever fancy re-implementing the feature and need someone to help with the testing, I'd be happy to offer my services.

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