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Need help from our UAPP users!
This may be an unusual request, but we just hate it when someone tries to ride on our success. Since a couple of months, there is a fake app called 'Usb Audio Player' ( in the Play Store. This app copied our app title and app description and the app does not do what it (actually we) describes: it is not a media player at all and just checks if your device is 'compatible' with UAPP (probably checking USB host mode). Of course this is nonsense, since if it is compatible, you can download it from the Play Store, otherwise not. We had some contact with the author and they just want to get advertisement income and refuse to remove it from the store.

So, if you share our vision that this is not OK and want to help us take down this app, please open the app in the Play Store on your Android device (double check you are not opening USB Audio Player PRO!), select the 3-dot button at the top right and select 'Flag as inappropriate'. Then although one of the options is 'Copycat or impersonation', it's easier for Google to check that the app does not do what the description says (which violates the policy Metadata and Deceptive behavior), so it might be best to select 'Other objection' and write that the app does not do what it describes and that the text is copied from USB Audio Player PRO.

Thanks in advance!

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