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Full Version: Possible to add LHDC bluetooth support ?
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There are a few (albeit basic) media players that support the LHDC codec(s) for playing to a DAP on Android (Savitech Player, FiiO player, HifiMan App), but I find myself missing all the goodies, UI, and overall polish that UAPP has always offered. Is there any easy'ish way to somehow integrate or turn on the LHDC bluetooth protocol like those apps do?

I've a HifiMan R2R2000 DAP that, sadly, only supports SBC (blech) or LHDC, which only is available on a per app basis. I don't mind plugging it in as a USB DAC, but it'd be nice to have it in a shirt pocket rather than tethered up sometimes.

Android 10 seemingly has the support for LHDC, but I've not yet the skill to develop my own solution, sadly.

Thanks in advance for reading - I love UAPP and will continue my support and daily use regardless <3
UAPP doesn't do anything special when it comes to BT. What you can try is enable the developer options on your device (tap 7 times on the Build number in the Andrid settings About page), then open the developer options and see if there is a BT option where you can force a certain codec.