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Full Version: Earmen Sparrow DAC MQA Render Support
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Please add support for MQA rendering on the Earmen Sparrow DAC. link - https://earmen-shop.com/products/sparrow . As of now all MQA files are capped at 88.2 or 96kHz. for eg. in Tidal, No Idea by Don Toliver is 176.4kHz but its giving 88.2kHz only. I'm using the app on S10+. ty
It's already supported: the DAC is a MQA renderer, not a decoder, this means that UAPP decodes to 88.2/96kHz and sends that sample rate to the DAC. To which sample rate the DAC unfolds is unknown, that's why it is not displayed in UAPP.
Oh. So that’s why I can’t see what sample rate I’m currently listening through my headphones. Is this gonna be possible in future launches or no? Anyways I got the point. Thank you.
There is no such possibility.