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Full Version: some tracks playback issue on Tidal
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Hello! I've playback issue with some 24-bit tracks (Tidal HIFI). Problem is that sometimes these tracks are played in slow-mo. Problem occurs non-MQA tracks only (marked as MQA on Tidal but no MQA decoding takes place) and only if the MQA-ready DAC was used. True MQA tracks are played just fine.

For example:
- Döxa - Hymn to the Ravenlord (https://tidal.com/browse/track/105258140)
- Eleine - All Shall Burn (https://tidal.com/browse/track/116634414)
Tested on Nvidia Shield TV and Motorola Z3 Play (both with Audioquest Dragonfly Black with latest firmware).
Can you please report these tracks to Tidal since they are tagged wrong?
I submitted a ticket to Tidal. Btw, problem occurs with UAPP only, not with Tidal official app (no any problems also with official app installed on HiBy R5 with android mixer bypass).