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Full Version: can't access NAS
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when trying to access NAS, with UAPP trial version 5.7.7, I get the message "Unsupported or invalid sort criteria (HTTP response was : 500 internal error)". Devices are Android tv box Mi Box 1 or Mxq Hd18x, android 8 and android 6 (same problem on Huawei P20 Pro). On both devices it's possible to access my server and ssd attached with VLC. I already read all the messages of forum about NAS but can't find an answer. Is there something to do?

Thanks for your answer
Which type of NAS do you have?
It's a SSD Samsung 500gb connected through usb 3 (Icy box) to Internet box Askey
The app asks to sort on track number or name, nothing spectacular I'd say. I'm afraid we cannot take this sort criterium out since it's rather essential.
I think the internetbox is peforming the sorting, I can see it when accessing from my computer, I can't see my SSD, but the generic folders of music. But from VLC I can access SSD through SMB connexion without doing nothing. If I try to do it from menu network in UAPP (samba) I don't know what name, user, address and password I should use. Is it possible to access directly SSD with Samba?
Thanks a lot