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Full Version: Search fonctions with a NAS
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I use UAPP mainly at nigth with a NAS (Synology DS118, not to name it). My smartphone is connected to router (5GHZ) and of course NAS is connected to router through Ethernet cable. I have quite a huge library, more than 2000 albums, mainly classical music and some jazz. Some albums are in very high resolution, that is DSD256. Streaming works perfectly. Smartphone is connected to a small DAC (Encore mDSD, capable to read DSD256 in native mode) and DAC is connected to headphones. Sometimes, i even use UAPP outside and Synology VPN active.
I have the possibility to access audio database on my NAS, either in Samba mode, either through MinimServer (UPNP/DLNA server dedicated to classical music) wich runs on DS118.
My question is : recently i have discovered the possibilities of Search functions in menu "Library", but it did not seem to me it was possible to use theses functions with a database located on a NAS ; so is there something close to this for a NAS ?
Thank you for your help.
No, perhaps in future, sorry.