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Full Version: How to scan Network Folders
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New to the app, need a bit of set up help. Gladly appreciate any advice.

I have a portable WiFi Hard drive with FLAC files. I can go into network settings and get Samba V1 to see network and directory with FLAC files. Note I can't seem to get FTP, Samba V2/3 or WebDav to see files. Is that okay?

I can only browse music by painstakenly going Folder/FLAC/Music/Artist 1/Album 1, etc. 

Is there a way to make the app scan/index all files so I can browse by Genre or Artist or Album, etc. The Scan feature only seems to see local directory structure. What am I doing wrong?

Whether FTP, Samba and WebDAV works depends on the capabilities of the server, so please check your device's manual to see if they support those protocols and what their settings need to be.

Creating a Library can only be done for internal storage. This may perhaps change in future, but it is currently not available due to the fact that devices can easily be detached and scanning for changed/deleted/added files can be very slow.