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Full Version: DSD inverted stereo in FiiO X5 III
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when playing DSD the left and right channels are switched.  Huh

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Issue not solved in release  Sad

Issue solved in release

We didn't change anything.
It's true.
Excuse me, it works fine IF it is via usb dac.
On a FiiO X5 III with hi res audio the channels are still changed when playing DSD (iso, dsf or dff).  Sad


Hiby DAPs and Cayin N6 III have had better luck than FiiO X5 III in the release  Sad

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We verified the correct channel allocation on the FiioX5iii for playing DSF/DFF files when making the change for the Hiby DAPs.
Indeed, dsf and dff work correctly.
It is in the CUE / DFF when the channels are switched.