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Full Version: MQA indicator doesn't show in LG V50
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In my LG V50 I have some mqa files in my local storage. When I play them with UAPP MQA plugin, the mqa indicator (Green/blue) doesn't show for any of my mqa files. And for the mqa file that I have attached here, UAPP shows its direct sample rate as 192 kHz. But when I play that same song with my LG native music player, it indicates the file as a MQA and play it on 96kHz sample rate. So I'm confused with this. I don't know this is a bug or just a problem with my UAPP settings. But I previously had a LG G6 with the quad dac and it doesn't have these issues.
Since the LG does the MQA decoding, no blue/green led will be displayed since the state cannot be queried. The output of the LG MQA renderer is always 176.4 or 192kHz.