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Full Version: USB audio interface (TX-6) issues with eXtream drivers
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Hi there!

I'm having the same issue with both USB Audio recorder Pro and Audio Evolution Mobile (using the eXtream drivers).

I'm using a Teenage Engineering TX-6 as a USB audio device which is detected and audio is played/recorded, however the speed of the recording is incorrect (much too fast, as if the sample rate is incorrect) and Track 1 (stereo) is duplicated to tracks 3 and 5 (TX-6 is a 6 x stereo interface).

Any further information or logs required, please advise and I'll provide whatever is necessary.

Many thanks!
We have pretty much given up on another Teenage Engineering device because of similar issues. The duplication of tracks cannot be because of the app since there is simply no code that records the output, so please check if there is a setting on your device.
As for the sample rate, we can have another look, but for that please contact support@audio-evolution.com since it's too difiicult to handle here.