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Full Version: Arm track and record active tracks sound (the mix) without device's mic hiss?!
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Hello. Who need to record to audio track a device's mic's hisses? Everybody rather need to "convert" midi tracks and effects into an audio track to spend less resources of device and to secure the result in wav ... But when I enable recording to audio track - the app is recording just external environment crap from device's mic ... instead of its active tracks sound ... Who uses these mic feature? Where? I know I can mixdown all - but what if I need to record just one loop region? It records all in the huge wav files ... Why recording of audio tracks made so stupid?
I'm not sure what you mean. Many people record audio in the app, it's its main purpose. If you enable recording in an audio track, surely you expect it to record audio (from whatever input selected) and not something else?
I see that proggie is always recording only my tablet's environmental mic (the same as used for loud phone talks), but not the clear sound from android's audio out (the sound that comes into headphones out). I cant see any setting which I can change to record clear audio that proggie sends into headphones out. Wtf? Or I missed something? I know how to do it in Cubase, Acid Pro etc, but in that proggie on android... I really have no idea. Do you know?
It sounds like the OP wants the ability to bounce tracks, including region constraints, i.e. mix-down a selection of tracks to another track. OP seems to want to record the MIDI internal instruments. Can this be done with the mix buses? I had a quick look and don't think so.
Unfortunately you can only use the mix-down option for that at the moment.
Audio Evolution Mobile 4.1.1 that will be available in a couple of hours has a 'Render audio track' option in the track's pop-up menu that will render the whole track as one audio file (including applied effects).