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Full Version: Problem with cloud sync
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I am trying to use cloud sync to work between various devices. They are all signed in to the same google drive account, which has plenty of available storage.  I record with my android phone and have no problems uploading files from the local storage to the cloud storage. When i try to download from the cloud to another device, like the tablet i use, it takes many attempts to get the files to appear on the local storage. After a very long time of downloading, often there is still no change and the needed files are not there. Eventually, after many attempts, it does seem to work but only after hours of trying.

I have tried all three options: the first is the click the "left" arrow to copy all files from the cloud to the local storage; the second is the check only the files in red in the cloud and use the left arrow to copy to the local drive; and the third is to click the "sync" button to try to sync everything. 
They all work about the same - eventually it does work but only after failing many times. 

Is there one option that is most recommended for syncing files? And, has anyone out there had this problem and figured out a solution?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!