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Full Version: Bluetooth midi ???
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Can AEM do Bluetooth midi ?

I have a Korg NanoKEY studio Bluetooth keyboard and I can use it with Roland Zenbeats and Koala sampler on my Samsung A52s android but I don't seem to be able to use it with AEM.
I have the iOS version where the nanokey studio works just fine. I remember on android needing to install some Bluetooth midi app („midi+btle“ I think it was called) to make it work with some other synth.
Maybe that’s necessary in your case as well.
Exactly. You can, although it requires installing another app and performing some steps:
* Please open the app's USB MIDI settings and enable 'Use Android MIDI driver'.
* Exit the app
* Install and run the app MIDI BLE Connect
* Run that app, let it scan and select your BT MIDI keyboard
* Start AEM, you should see 'Added MIDI port'
* You should now be able to use the BT MIDI keyboard
Thank you

"Use Android midi driver" - that was the info I needed.

I was thinking of getting the nanobox Tangerine for the Piano etc but I found some decent Piano soundfonts to use in AEM here -