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Full Version: select channels at multitrack recording
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I use a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 together with my Behringer X32 mixer.
The X32 usb interface can record up to 32 channels.
In the usb audio recorder pro app actual I have only the option to record one mono, one stereo or all 32 channels.
I normaly do not record all 32 channels and therefore it would be nice to select the number of channels in multitrack mode.

Additional question: Is it possible to record all 32 channels (48kHz, 24Bit, Wave) with the app or is there a  limitation in the usb driver?

Additional problem: When I select ogg and multichannel (32 channels) then recording does not start (clock is not running)

Thanks for helping
In theory, you can record all 32 channels, but chances of glitching (usb packet loss) are very high. Please try with the highest USB buffer size and make sure to make some tests before using it for real.
To select individual channels to record from, you will need our DAW, Audio Evolution Mobile.