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Full Version: Duplicate track
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Hi! I can't find any 'Duplicate track' option. Is there one? If there is none already, then please add this feature.

I second the request for this feature. This would be useful for a many applications such as mid side encoding. It is currently somewhat labor intensive to duplicate a track.
What would be the difference between a duplicate track function and the copy / paste that you have now? Is it that you'd like to cut out selecting a new track of the appropriate type to paste in to, or possibly the mix, pan, EQ & effects that you want duplicated too?

Just asking because I've never found this particularly arduous, but don't do it that often.

Hi OMT! Yes, it would be possible to keep the inserts in the copied version with 'Duplicate track' function. Besides, it would be much easier to create several instances of the same track.
yeah, got it. could see how that'd be useful.

It is certainly possible to do as you say with copy and paste, OMT.  It would just make for a much faster workflow to have a 1 step duplicate track command.
We'll try to put it in for next release.
(06-19-2016, 11:26 AM)dwrae Wrote: [ -> ]We'll try to put it in for next release.

Thank you  Biggrin
Hope you have not forgotten about this feature request  Biggrin
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