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Full Version: License no longer valid after setting correct time zone
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I reimaged my Android device and the first thing I did was install UAPP. Mind you, it was the first thing I did ... it didn't occur to me that I should set my time zone to the proper zone first.

Setting it to the proper zone (from +3 originally to -5) now gives me a licensing error after opening UAPP. I am able to get back into  the program by setting my date two days forward but that's really not practical.

Please advise. Thank you. :)
Can you uninstall the app and re-install it now the timezone is set ok?
I get license verification errors on my Nexus 7 2013 when I havn't had it connected to the internet for a while. Really quite annoying as I have to set up a hot spot from my phone and allow my tablet access to the net, which resolves the license problem. Until I do this I can't play any songs in UAPP
The license gets cached when an online license check is valid after about 24 hours of first running the app.