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Full Version: Ver 3.1.3 navigation in dlna server restricted
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I run UAPP ver 3.1.3 with my Samsung galaxy note 3.
Since 3.1.3, or maybe before (since I have skipped several versions), my navigation in my DLNA server is restricted.
When I am in the "now playing" screen, using the orange button, I can see the files in the folder being played. Ok. Then using the android back arrow, I can go one folder up. OK. Using the back arrow again and again, I can go the level "n" folder. Ok. Then I can go back to the "now playing" with the arrow at the upper left. Ok. But then it's finished : I found no way to go to the folder immediately superior. The orange button brings me to the level "n" folder !
I don't even have the possiblity to identify the folder immediately superior.So I have to write it on a piece of paper at the beginning !
I find this very annoying. Do I miss something ?

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Another way to put the question :
Is there a way to go to the playing list whatever the navigation you did before through the folders of the server ?
I'm not sure what you mean: if I select a song from a DLNA server, it goes to the main screen (now playing). If I press the Orange button, it shows where I was. Now, using the Back button on the device (not at the top-left), I can go all the way back up to the NAS selection.
Yes, I agree with you.
But once you have reached a top level (NAS selection for example), how do you do to return to the playing list (NOT the now playing screen). with a one -lick movement ?
In former versions of UAPP, the orange button did that.
Sorry : it was a kind of orange arrow at the top left of the app
The top-left arrow
By "playing list", I mean this screen (see attached screenshot).

How to get there in one click wherever you are in your folders navigation ?
That's not the playing list, that's just songs on your server. It will only go there directly if that's where you left the screen to the app's main screen.