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Full Version: 32b384K & UAPP's Bit-Perfect option
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I'd like to immediately state this post is not about any possible issue with UAPP, rather a request for support with my humble investigation...

I came across a great array of test media based on one recording session and the resulting track was then copied in various resolutions and formats (PCM / DSD).
Using UAPP's bit-perfect option and Chord's Mojo as ext. DAC, I am able to play all formats, including DSD256, with Mojo's appropriate resolution color for each different PCM resolution and for DSD.

All except one: a 32b384K 24Mbps file.

With UAPP & Bit-perfect checked, UAPP sends the data to the Mojo but there is no audible output.
With UAPP & Bit-perfect unchecked, there is proper audible output.

Finally, to rule out UAPP, I tested the same file with my A&K AK320 and the DAP refused to send the data to the Mojo citing a bad-file error.
The AK320 won't play anything over 192KHz natively, but I assume it should have no problems with it as a transport.

So finally to my question: what is UAPP doing with the data when "Bit-perfect" is unchecked... down-sampling the data?   Huh   Mojo claims to be able to deal with up to 32b768K resolution via USB (44-768KHz PCM & DSD 64/128/256 via DoP).

Thank you in advance for any info / assumptions you might have on the topic! Cool
Any ideas?
Could you please start the app, go to settings, select Logging and set it to "Log to file". Then exit the app and restart your Android device.

Then please do the following:
* start the app
* try to play the one file that doesn't output anything
* stop
* exit the app.

Please email the file UAPP.txt that is placed inside the UAPP folder on your device to info AT extreamsd.com with a little note refererring to this thread.
Thx for your feedback! I will get you that log soonest