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Full Version: OTG drive not recognized in Marshmallow
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I have had UAPP for a week.  I do not use any USB hardware other than  an  OTG dongle for  pocket or real drives.

My phone is a Moto Z play.  The app will browse to /mnt but /media is not shown in /mnt.  I have tried many popular and none recognize OTG as well.

Only 2 filers of all available ones on Play will see OTG. Only FX Commander is able to launch dsf and flac to UAPP.

Play list creation works but the file name is huge with many % characters.

Also N is due for this phone soon. Can you anticipate any progress (or not) ?

Finally dsf files played from internal or sdcard get rendered at 44k. Only "OTG"  gets 192k.

FLACs are fine from internal memory.
Android basically does not support USB drives. Some file explorers have made their own USB mass storage driver and FAT32 handler. They set up a local HTTP server for other apps to access the selected file.

DSD files can only be converted to PCM at rates of 44.1/88.2/etc., so if your phone only supports 44.1 and 48, it will choose 44.1.
Wow, no support for such useful device, after 4.4.4 about which my Droid Maxx and your app "OTG" fine , even play through. Albeit at 44 k for all music.

Well your app could work much better, albeit with much more done on your side but I surely know little of that. I mean as a generic player utilizing internal DACs fully. Great one of a kind app as it is already.

Looking forward to updates.