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Full Version: Files DSD conversion to PCM 358200 Hz, DAC max 192K. No sound.
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When playing files DSD with conversion to PCM on the external DAC Aliantek D8, the player sets the frequency PCM 352800 Hz. But DAC supports a maximum of 192k, there is no sound. DAC writes that there is no signal. Is it possible to limit the conversion frequency to 192K (176,4К)? Files and a DAC above this frequency are rare. 
Enter in the settings the choice of the conversion frequency DSD to PCM.

I apologize for the bad English. Google Translate.

Мне очень нравится этот плеер! Он лучший!
Could you please start the app, go to settings, select Logging and set it to "Log to file". Then exit the app and restart your Android device.

Then please do the following:
* start the app
* try to play the DSD file
* stop
* exit the app again.

Please send the file UAPP.txt that is placed inside the UAPP folder on your device by email to info@extreamsd.com mentioning this thread.
Sorry. 352800 Hz
The problem is quickly solved by the developer, for which he thank you very much. Now the DSD stream is converted to PCM with a frequency of 176400Hz
Now this player is for me the best of all the rest.
Even the ascetic interface I really like. There is everything necessary without any adornment.
The sound is beautiful.
Remained a couple of small sherkovatosti (small problems), but they think they will be solved by the developer.
By the way, the information from the files  ***.cue player perfectly now reads (from disks connected via usb).