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Full Version: Please create a looper app
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Hi guys!)
YOU ARE AWESOME! And your drivers for USB audio are awesome too!
I bought Audio Recorder and Audio Evolution. Both work fine with my Yamaha THR10 modeling combo.
Now I miss only one thing - guitar looper. You know, THR10 has no FX loop, so I can't use a looper pedal to jam with myself)
I've tried a number of looper apps from other developers, some was really handy, but all of them work only with internal mic or headset and have no usb audio support.
So I ask you, the gods of android usb audio, to create a simple app that will be more powerful than USB Audio Recorder and less powerful than Audio Evolution)
I think it will be very useful and playable to all musicians with android phones)
Thanks in advance)

Sorry for my English, it's a second language to me. But it looks like the fifth one.
I would love this too. A portable Looper with AEM! So all we need further is a device to to activate record/overdub for each channel.