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Full Version: Working good with one USB device but not another.
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Evolution is licensed with USB audio driver on a galaxy S5 with Android 6.01. Works fine with Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 but needs to be attached to a USB powered hub as the phone won't provide acceptable power to the device. This setup works very well.

I tried a different USB audio device that has it's own external power. It 's a Boss GT-1 multieffect guitar processor pedal. It is recognized by Evolution as an USB audio device but fails to work with it. I cannot play or record anything with it hooked up. This probably isn't a bug with the software so I didn't put this in the forum area for "Bugs Found". I thought maybe I could run the GT-1 into the OTG cable and it would work too. I don't know why it wouldn't. I can use it directly with my DAW software on my laptop without any problem.

I will probably just try patching the GT-1 into my Komplete Audio 6 device and use it that way for now.
The GT-1 is not USB class compliant and therefore does not work.
I'll accept that as a reason.