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Full Version: Cannot access exFAT formatted Sandisk flash USB drive through USB 3.0 powered hub
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I connect it like this:

[Nexus 6P] -- [OTG cable] -- [USB 3.0 powered hub] -- [iFi nano iDSD DAC]
                                                   -- [Sandisk Extreme 500 flash USB drive]

The Nexus 6P can access the files on the USB drive, and the Nexus 6P can also play files it has in its internal storage out to the DAC. Both those operations involve the hub, hence that works fine.

But the last step, of having the Nexus 6P pull files from the USB drive and send them over to the DAC, does not work: USB Audio Player PRO does not list the USB drive under Network as a valid mount point, and instead only shows the Nexus 6P's internal storage.

Do I need to use another menu item on the USB Audio Player PRO to access the USB drive?
An USB stick is not a Network drive, but regardless of that, it will only work if the drive is mounted under the file system. Could you please check if there is a subfolder under /storage in Folders?
I replied via email to show you my screenshots. There isn't a /storage subdir underneath Folders.

I also tried a smaller Sandisk flash drive with FAT file directory structure, and that didn't give any improvement.
We can try again to support the Document manager of Android, but last time there were problems with it so we decided not to support it.
(10-17-2017, 12:47 PM)dwrae Wrote: [ -> ]We can try again to support the Document manager of Android, but last time there were problems with it so we decided not to support it.

OK thanks for resolving this.

We can look forward to a new release that supports it then?

The main feature I'm hoping for is to play files not on the phone and not over Wi-Fi, but from an attached USB drive.
I hope you can add support for this soon.

DSD files cannot be streamed over DLNA, and those files are large, so putting those files on a USB flash drive is the only practical solution that's sort-of portable. It's not entirely portable since you need power for the USB hub, but that can be supplied by battery packs.
We stream DSD files over DLNA just fine. USB flash drive support is still planned.
Yes your app does handle DSD files over DLNA. But my newly bought Wi-Fi router doesn't. It has a USB port that accepts a storage device, and it runs DLNA internally, so if you put audio files there, the built-in DLNA server will advertise them over the Wi-Fi network. All sorts of audio files work, but DSD files do not work. I don't see them advertised via DLNA. I can run DLNA over a PC, but I prefer not to do that.