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Full Version: 24 bit streams from TIDAL slow on my 2 separate Android devices
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Hi Support,

I am using UAPP on
  • Minix Neo U1 
Since almost 1 month the playback of 24 bit streams from TIDAL are slow.
With 16 bit streams there is no issue at all.

I inspected a normal playback only 2-3 times in between.
What may be the reason for this ?

Best Regards,
Can you please tell us what you mean by slow?
Hi Support,

Thanks for the response.
it is just like that the song is played in 80 instead of 120 tempo.
It is playing in the same stable reduced speed.
Since more than a month and all day the same.

Only a couple of times along this time , I have come across a couple of slice of time that it played in the exact timing of the music.

Please update to version 3.8.2 and see if it is resolved.