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Full Version: Is it posible to use USB DVD drive?
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Hello Heart

I want to use usb dvd drive to play my CDs, is it posible? I have to buy one, so i decided to check. 

And, maybe,  it is posible to play DVD-Audio too? 

I checked my tablet(digma 1601 android 6) its works fine with UAPP, all good with externaly powered usb hub, all my DIY usb2 interfaces work great(amanero and cm6631 based card).
No, it's not possible.
Well, u cant have everething in one pack i guess.

Btw, http://www.extreamsd.com/index.php/uapp-trial link point to 3.8.1 versuon of UAPP and if u clikk it u get 404 error, one need to manualy correct 1 to 2 in url to start download.