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Full Version: Unwanted Crackle/Clicks in the recordings
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I recorded my band practice, one microphone setup, with my Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface and some old tablet, however there are a lot of clicks in the recordings. The sample rate is 44.1 and bit depth 24. the Buffer Size is all the way up, so i'm not sure what's causing it. Any idea how to optimize that?
The more channels a USB interface has (independant of how many you actually use), the more chance there is on dropped USB audio frames. In combination with an old tablet (which exact model?), that's pretty much destined to fail unfortunately. You could try enabling Force 1 packet per transfer of the CPU boost in the settings.
Hey, thanks for the reply. That makes sense. As for the tablet, it's some hungarian/chinese company called Wayteq, that my brother got as a gift from his company.. The model is xTab 7Q GPS, and it's really weak performance-wise. I was thinking of connecting my Xperia XA1 phone, but i need to buy the USB C to USB female adapter, since XA1 doesn't use the micro B connector. 

Do you think it would work better if I left out the audio interface? For example, if i took an XLR to 3.5 mm jack adapter and connected it through a TRRS adapter that separates mic in and headphone out into the phone's headphone output. So i would be connecting the mic directly to the phone in essence...
That's definitely more reliable, but you won't have gain control which is probably an issue with the audio levels in band practice.