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Full Version: Chromebook testing
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I've been using a Google Pixelbook with full Android support to play around with AE.  It seems to work quite nicely and reports a very low latency with the standard driver.  I think the larger screens and better processing power of a nice chromebook would be a great way to evolve AE.

In the last few weeks, I've hooked up an Lexicon Alpha and Behringer UM-2 mixer which have seemed to work fine for recording from other sources.  I did notice, however, that USB audio devices are being used at a ChromeOS level and not an Android level (the 'USB' indicator on the AE splash screen shows red when the device is connected).  This means I don't have access to the individual channels to select for recording.  

Just wondering what some work-arounds might be to address this?

Does the input dialog of the channel show a selector for 'Audio channel'? If so, can't you select between Stereo, Mono 1 and Mono 2?
I should have been a little clearer: Yes, I can select the audio channels, and it does use the Lexicon for the input. But I have only 'Android' and 'Android Audio Mode' as options, not the Lexicon itself.

Of course, this is connecting the Lexicon Alpha to the Pixelbook through a USB-C hub and not using an OTG cable. I've ordered a USB-C OTG cable from ebay and hope it makes the system believe it is an actual Android device.
Of course, the USB host API can not be used on Chrome.