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Full Version: Playback rate to fast
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I recently made a video of my duo, I recorded the Audio via a Behringer umc404hd, the monitor output went into the microphone jack of the camera and audio evolution mobile recorded on a Samsung s7 via USB 4 audiotracks. The Camera recorded in 48kHz and 16 bit, Audio Evolution in 48kHz and 24 bit. In Reaper I put everything together, synced the audio to the video, and discovered, that the audio playback from the Audio Evolution Mobile tracks where slightly to fast, after a few minutes the playbacks was off by a few milliseconds. So I put the playback rate to 99,9879% and everything was fine. Does anyone know why Audio Evolution recorded to fast?
They just use different clocks. 48kHz is never exactly 48kHz.
(07-18-2018, 09:58 AM)dwrae Wrote: [ -> ]They just use different clocks. 48kHz is never exactly 48kHz.

Is there is possibilty to sync the clocks? Because all devices are in sync exept audio evolution, it makes it difficult.
That's impossible.