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Full Version: MQA playback and software volume control
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Relatively new and very happy UAPP user here ! 
I have a doubt related to MQA playback.
Is it possible to use the software volume control while playing back MQA files when they are decoded in UAPP software only (first unfold) ? I understand it is not possible to have software volume control when passing the original MQA file to a MQA USB DAC (I have a Meridian Explorer 2) because of bit perfect integrity. In my head, volume software control would happen after the first MQA unfold in UAPP and before sending the 24/88 or 24/96 stream to any USB DAC. 
Is this a correct assumption ?

I can not test this with my Meridian Explorer 2 because UAPP sees it as a MQA full decoder device, and wants to send all the bits together. 
Thanks a lot
It could, but that would stop any MQA renderer coming after the signal to do the 2nd unfold, so we are not allowed to do that.