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Grid minor lines fade out dramatically after track 5
Same issue on Ipad and Android phone

I notice that the minor grid lines fade out (can hardly see them) after track 5.  I moved tracks around but the fading out always occurs after track 5.  The Major Grid Lines are always visible on all audio tracks.

Midi tracks don't display any grid lines, it doesn't matter where they reside (all midi tracks behave the same).  I am new to AEM so I don't know if any of the above is by design.
Can you please post a screenshot?
(02-01-2021, 12:57 PM)dwrae Wrote: Can you please post a screenshot?

1) Sorry I can't figure out how to insert a screenshot to a post.
2) Looking at the screenshot on my 24" monitor I can clearly see the minor grid lines (on all audio tracks - but not on midi tracks).
3) To see the minor grid lines for audio tracks above 5 on my iPad, I had to increase the screen brightness to full.  This is a 2-week-old Gen 8 iPad.  I had my wife look for the grid lines and at first, she couldn't see them either (looking more intently she could see them faintly).  When I turned up the brightness to max, she was able to see them a little more clearly.
4) I tried to change the track colors to see if that would improve visibility, but I wasn't able to figure out how to do that.
5) I don't know if this is an iPad issue (my iPad or all Gen 8 iPads) or an IOS issue, but it doesn't seem to be an AEM issue (since I can see the minor grid lines of an iPad screenshot on my computer.
6) Any other iPad Gen 8 Users having this issue?
I can reproduce it now, thanks. We will fix it for next release.

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