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Please help to customize Audio Player - Lokantziz - 03-27-2020

Hi all, first of all, sorry for my English...
I wondered how to implement comfortable use this app in a car?
Namely, the very moment when the tablet falls asleep and the HUB turns off, after waking up, the stick mount seems to pick up the HAB flash drive and sound, but the player always asks if it should be used with this device, etc. and often the player stops seeing the USB flash drive after waking up, and does not play the files. Only reconnecting with a stickmount and restarting the player helps.
In general, I would like to hear in detail how to implement it so that it works in the following algorithm. The ignition turns off -> the tablet falls asleep, remembers the place where the track was playing and turns off the application -> the tablet wakes up and starts playing the track from the same second on which it fell asleep.

RE: Please help to customize Audio Player - dwrae - 03-30-2020

That is not possible, sorry. Some Android versions always demand to acknowledge permission to use the USB device. Furthermore, we cannot save the current track and position at every second.