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EQ Preset Settings - Loveamb - 05-12-2020

Ever since I downloaded the app, I've not been able to get the Preset settings for both EQ Preset and Parametric EQ.

I will explain!

When I click to the EQ or Parametric EQ, and I select Preset, the display is always Empty.

Here's my question.

Does it mean that it doesn't come with any Preset settings at all?

Or I have to create and adjust to my taste.

If it does exist, please how can I get it showing on my app so I can select Bass, Acoustic, Treble, etc from the Preset?

Thank you for your anticipated feedback.

RE: EQ Preset Settings - dwrae - 05-14-2020

We are a firm believer that EQ-ing is for correction only, not for anything else. EQ-ing is done in expensive studios for the genre/song already, so putting a rock/jazz/whatever preset on top of that is just not ok. That's why you won't find any presets in the app.