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Sampling frequency question - michalrzepecki - 05-14-2020

Hello. I just bought UAPP to play music from Tidal. I'm running it on Google Pixel 3 connected to Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 100. I'm not good at sampling frequecy and all theory... Can somebody tell me if what I see in UAPP (about frequeny) is correct behaviour or something is wrong? For different types of songs I can see:
USB DAC: 88.2kHz  MQA  FLAC:44.1kHz
USB DAC: 96kHz  MQA  FLAC:48kHz
USB DAC: 96kHz  MQA  FLAC:96kHz
USB DAC: 96kHz  MQA  FLAC:192kHz
Why USB is twice FLAC frequency in first two cases?
Why USB frequency is not 192kHz in last case?

RE: Sampling frequency question - dwrae - 05-15-2020

The MQA decoder always outputs 88.2 or 96kHz, regardless whether the track has an unfoldable sample rate. A MQA decoder never outputs higher than 96kHz because that's the job of a MQA renderer. A MQA renderer inside a USB DAC could further unfold it to higher frequencies.