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HTC 10 with Parasound ZDac v2.0 - Geordon - 06-28-2020

I have an HTC 10 and want to use UAPP to play my collection of MP3 music from a microSD card. I have a Parasound ZDac v2.0, which I currently feed from my Microsoft Surface Pro running Windows 10. With the HTC 10, for best sound quality, should I use its internal DAC, and if so, how can I verify UAPP is set to that? Or, should I use the USB-C output to the ZDac? If using the USB-C path, would a USB-C to USB-B cable, such as the DJ Tech Tools Chroma Cables be better than USB-C to USB-A followed by a USB-A to the ZDac's USB-B? Do I need an OTG cable, or will a standard cable be fine?

I am asking all these questions up front, as I don't currently have the necessary USB-C cables, and want to have them ready before I install the UAPP trial version.

Thank you,


RE: HTC 10 with Parasound ZDac v2.0 - dwrae - 06-30-2020

We always use a USB-C to USB-A converter so we can connect every cable we like to it. Just make sure the cable does power and data, but they usually do. If you go for the USB-C to USB-A converter, use the adapter that came with the phone (if it did) or buy something that looks like the 2nd picture here:

The USB DAC will give better quality.