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Meizu Hifi DAC Pro - k4sh - 06-30-2020


I have a Meizu hifi DAC Pro and i face some issues with this DAC.
It's plugged in the USB-C on my Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite.
It can be initialized and perform well but sometimes, for no known reason, the playback stops.
Also, the application can fail in responding when i face the first issue and unplug then plug the DAC.

Is there anything i can do to make the application with this DAC work flawlessly ?

RE: Meizu Hifi DAC Pro - dwrae - 07-01-2020

Please make sure to disable 'Stop on task removal' in the app's settings and make sure to completely disable the battery saver setting for the app in Android settings.

RE: Meizu Hifi DAC Pro - k4sh - 07-01-2020

Thank you for your reply.
I disabled "stop on task removal" and my phone is set to battery saving.
I will disable also battery saving and will give a try.

RE: Meizu Hifi DAC Pro - k4sh - 07-04-2020

So after a few tries it seems that the DAC is not the culprit.
I've tried my newly received DAC dragonfly red and the behavior is still the same.
No matter if i set the battery saving off that's still the same.
Is there any workaround to solve this ?

RE: Meizu Hifi DAC Pro - dwrae - 07-04-2020

Make sure that the Android settings look like the attached screenshot

RE: Meizu Hifi DAC Pro - k4sh - 07-04-2020

Thank you for reply but it's already done.

RE: Meizu Hifi DAC Pro - dwrae - 07-05-2020

Please contact support at info@extreamsd.com