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Album Art Being Moved - wd8dky - 07-15-2020

Hello. I have my library organized in folders on a micro SD card via artist/album.  In each album folder I place the album art JPG. Whenever I add a new album to the SD card, UAPP moves, yes moves, the JPG out of the album folder and creates a folder for it in my picture gallery.  I've scoured the settings and can't find anything related to this.

Has anyone else using an LG V40 seen this? 

Thank you

RE: Album Art Being Moved - dwrae - 07-15-2020

There is no code in the app that does that, so there must be another app doing that, sorry. There are also zero references in the app to the pictures folder or gallery.

RE: Album Art Being Moved - wd8dky - 07-15-2020

Thank you! I'll figure this out. 

Be safe, all!