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Equalizer - Zwyczajny - 09-15-2015

Hello! I suggest to add pre defined equalizer settings, or import export support.
Second thing if you can add volume control to lock screen bar.
Audio player works fine with SMSL M2 + Lenovo k3 note
. Regards

RE: Equalizer - dwrae - 09-15-2015

EQ for the genre is done in expensive studio's. It is absolutely pointless to provide EQ settings for things like Rock/Jazz/Pop, since the app is meant for high quality listening, as pure as possible. EQ in the app is for doing subtle corrections for your headphones or listening room.
We will look into exchanging presets or putting them in the UAPP/Presets folder. Currently you can only access them when you have root access.

RE: Equalizer - Zwyczajny - 09-17-2015

I cannot live without root;), but second thing is volume bar in lock screen, can you add them?

RE: Equalizer - dwrae - 09-17-2015

If you have root, you should be able to see the presets somewhere in /data/data/com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayerpro/files/Presets.

I don't think we will be adding a volume bar in the lock screen in the near future though. Would pressing the physical volume buttons be a solution?

RE: Equalizer - Zwyczajny - 09-21-2015

Im my phone volume buttons doesnt work, when i activate this option and use sound raise to maximum and i cannot vol down with volume buttons

RE: Equalizer - Iridium - 09-22-2015

Now surely, we start entertaining requests like this...... and other more crucial one's will stall.
Don't spoil the ride.

RE: Equalizer - angelfire1 - 01-10-2020

Importable equalizer presets would be fine. Anytime coming? I donĀ“t have root.