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Monoprice Monolith USB DAC Support? - JohnnyUtah - 08-10-2020

Hello - I recently purchased the full UAPP version on the google play store for my pixel 2 XL.
Before jumping on a DAQ I noticed nothing from monoprice (their monolith brand) is officially in the supported hardware section.
Does anyone have experience before I try this? I wanted to buy a somewhat cheaper hardware item before jumping head on into MQA to see if I can actually notice the difference or not and their USB DAQ at 79.99 is supposed to function well, I have found that in the past Monoprice is an excellent bang for your buck when it comes to home theater equipment so I figured this would be a good starting point.


I also have a Pixel 4a on pre-order which ships 8/20 and should be to me by 8/22 so I can follow back up in 12 days to report if that device should be officially added to the supported devices section. I see no reason why it wouldn't because it has a USB-C and headphone jack similar to the 3a.