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Other radio stations - Corrigap - 09-01-2020

Hi, thanks very much for a great app. 

I've started using the section 'other radio stations' a lot and wonder if there are any plans to expand it in the future?

I'm thinking about: displaying data on the track and artist being played as well as the logos of the various radio stations.

I also think it would be nice to have a shuffle play feature for the stations that I've entered in this section.

Thanks again!

RE: Other radio stations - dwrae - 09-01-2020

Since the streams do not end, we do not see how shuffle would work. The app displays info for certain types of streams, but not for Icy streams.

RE: Other radio stations - Corrigap - 09-02-2020

Ok, thanks for your quick response.

Could an m3u file be used, which lists a group of stations as a playlist?

RE: Other radio stations - allornothing1984 - 10-12-2020

Hi everyone.. i know this thread is already well replied to but i thought i would throw in a helpful link about digital radios in general, as i use one too and think there are quite a few good ones out there..
Here is an german article about digital radios in general and some good suggestions: https://www.diehifiberater.de/digitalradio-test/
You can translate the article if you are not familiar with the german language Biggrin