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can't access NAS - Roger - 09-18-2020

when trying to access NAS, with UAPP trial version 5.7.7, I get the message "Unsupported or invalid sort criteria (HTTP response was : 500 internal error)". Devices are Android tv box Mi Box 1 or Mxq Hd18x, android 8 and android 6 (same problem on Huawei P20 Pro). On both devices it's possible to access my server and ssd attached with VLC. I already read all the messages of forum about NAS but can't find an answer. Is there something to do?

Thanks for your answer

RE: can't access NAS - dwrae - 09-18-2020

Which type of NAS do you have?

RE: can't access NAS - Roger - 09-18-2020

It's a SSD Samsung 500gb connected through usb 3 (Icy box) to Internet box Askey

RE: can't access NAS - dwrae - 09-20-2020

The app asks to sort on track number or name, nothing spectacular I'd say. I'm afraid we cannot take this sort criterium out since it's rather essential.

RE: can't access NAS - Roger - 09-20-2020

I think the internetbox is peforming the sorting, I can see it when accessing from my computer, I can't see my SSD, but the generic folders of music. But from VLC I can access SSD through SMB connexion without doing nothing. If I try to do it from menu network in UAPP (samba) I don't know what name, user, address and password I should use. Is it possible to access directly SSD with Samba?
Thanks a lot