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Tidal: date added / Original order on everything - RuffSamurai - 10-02-2020


First this app is amazing, I used it for years, definitely the best out there.

The one thing I'm missing in the Tidal tab, is in all kind of song lists and album lists, that it's always possible to see the list in "date added" and/or in "original order".

On some lists it's there and sometimes it is in the above order on different "home screens" for example under the "explore tab" and the "genre tabs" under that, where it shows the different carousel song/album lists in "date added" order, but when you tab "view all" button it's just in name order or something similar and can't be changed to "date added" or "original order"

For me it's a very important feature, especially when you want to check out just added/released albums/songs.

It should be that on all carrousels and inside all lists, that the user could change the order to "date added" and or "original order"