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Zappiti config - Scalabis - 10-06-2020

Dear Sirs, 

Im very happy with the sound of the app (MQA included) but i have a problem:
I have a Zappiti One SE (Android tv ver. 6) connected to my Hegel 160. 
When I use the render (mconnect phone app) it works with bitperfect but when I use uapp directly on the zappiti I only get 320k.

Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? 

Thank you in advance. 
Rui Eloy

RE: Zappiti config - dwrae - 10-10-2020

If you play from Tidal, please make sure you are using a Tidal HiFi account and make sure that the quality settings inside UAPP's Tidal section is set to Lossless.