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audioshare - ska234 - 01-28-2021

Is there a possibility to import mp3 / midi into audioshare on the ipad without audioshare
(like in the android version)

RE: audioshare - dwrae - 01-29-2021

Sure, through the Files app or using an Open with/in action from another app. Or from a desktop computer when you start the Media server in the app.

RE: audioshare - ska234 - 01-29-2021

Dwrae: thanks for the reply, 

I do not understand hwo to do it. 
On the ipad there is no "open with" dialog.
do I need to jailbreak the ipad for this?

I do not understand how to use the mediaserver.
is there a tutorial?

I can see files when I open the  

-> on the macbook that works,
-> on the ipad I get an error when I want to open this adress.

 where are the files located, and how do I get them into audio evolution?

Thanks, Klaus

RE: audioshare - dwrae - 01-31-2021

That would be my question to you: where are the files located you wish to import?

RE: audioshare - One_Of_Many - 01-31-2021

Using Microsoft OneDrive (Just one example of a method to import an audio file into IOS AEM)
1) Have AEM open on iPad
2) Open OneDrive (as iPad App)
3) Select file you want to import (it should then have a check mark on it)
4) Touch the 3-dots beside Share (top right)
5) Select Open in another App
6) Find AEM in list of Apps (you might have to select "More" to see AEM)
7) Then voila it is added to your AEM project
Make sure you save your project

Also, you might want to rename the Post Subject to "How to import audio into IOS AEM" instead of Audioshare (which from your post is not what you want to use)

RE: audioshare - ska234 - 02-02-2021

slowly slowly i get used...

i have used the android version quite a lot,
there things are easier, I am still struggling with the ipad-logic
and all these chains and restrictions of that operating system.

-> thanks for the help !!