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Volume Control - foursticks - 03-26-2021

Is there a way to completely disable the volume slider that appears at the top of the screen when adjusting the volume?

I have USB Volume control set to "None", but this doesn't seem to make any difference either on my phone or digital music player.

A couple of times I've accidentally touched the volume slider when listening and the volume suddenly shoots all the way up to 100%, not a pleasant experience which I worry could be potentially be harmful.

Thank you.

RE: Volume Control - Hocine - 04-24-2021

After plugging in (charging) headphones via HELM Bolt usb dac, using the Belkin usb-C splitter, uapp always tries to take exclusive control. Ideally it could remember my decision of"OK", BUT:

After listening to music in UAPP, volume in other apps like PLEX can be messed up. I guess UAPPs HW volume setting is permanent and not ephemeral.

I think the option of ephemeral hw volume would solve both our problems. You could set it to 0 or 100 if you wanted a permanent setting for other apps.