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How to split by tracks? - donnbagsik23 - 04-10-2021

Is there any option to split tracks?most of the albums i've owned was in one file only(flac).Because when i tried some Music player apps it was splitted as like the album list,but when in Uaap it was 1 file only.(i am using Fiio M11-android based)thanks

RE: How to split by tracks? - dwrae - 04-11-2021

You would need a cue file accompanying that.

RE: How to split by tracks? - soundresearch - 04-11-2021

If you have, say, ten songs in a long FLAC, try spitting these songs into ten separate files using Audacity (open source). Search the web for, "How To Split Audio In Audacity – Edit Your Audio Like A Pro." You would have to set, or guess, the silent periods between songs. But you will eventually see only the ten songs. You can get rid of silent periods IN the song using Audacity. Say you did this and you (finally) "see" ten songs. Now export the ten sings to ten files. Then use something like AudioTag.info, which is a free music recognition service. There are others. You might be able to automate all this, maybe some music recognition service will allow a folder full of songs to be recognized. Consider this a start to get further discussion going here.